The Top Hen Party Themes


Here are the important things about bachelorette parties– they’re never one-size-fits-all. Various brides-to-be included various tastes, and while some are all for the party-themed extravaganza, others would feel more comfortable with a garden celebration in their backyard. The good news? There are a lot of bachelorette celebration styles out there that surpass the apparent and accommodate all various convenience levels. And they’re just as celebratory as what you so frequently see in the movies!


Celebrating the bride-to-be at her bachelorette celebration is one of the very best methods to de-stress before the wedding event and learn more about her closest good friends. While some brides-to-be prefer an exciting weekend bash, others would rather relax with their preferred girls. If you’ve been tasked with preparing a bachelorette party, but the bride’s interests initially and then complete the remainder of the information.


Whether you’re wishing to take the more standard path of bachelorette celebration themes like bar-hopping and getting a MagicMen stripper, or you’re looking to tone things down with a classy and stylish tone, there are plenty of styles that will fit your group and your bride-to-be.


Cheers, Joy, Poor, Community, Silhouette


Take a look at these bachelorette celebration themes that make sure to motivate the best pre-wedding bash!


A Wellness-Themed Bachelorette Party


It holds true: bachelorette celebration themes have actually developed in 2020, specifically for those who wish to be more mindful and healthier about the general experience. Since the bach celebration is one of those wedding occasions where we motivate couples to pursue their preferred interests and pastimes, those who choose yoga, relaxation, massages and general balance ought to consider a wellness-themed bachelorette celebration, total with green juice mixed drinks and farm-to-table meals.


Painting Theme Bachelorette Celebration


Take benefit of the hot new paint and sip craze with this creative and easy bachelorette theme! View Groupon for a deal, then book a “paint and sip” class for the bachelorettes and Bride-to-be! Each bachelorette will have a painting at the end of the night to keep as a celebration favour, so no need to get another.


Wine Theme


Love white wine? Who does not? Wine-themed bachelorette celebrations can be a blast, whether they feature a day-trip to visit regional wineries, a weekend in Napa, or just a nighttime wine tasting. To pull this style off without a lot of tension, head to a credible regional white wine dealership, choose numerous bottles for tasting and ask for their recommendations about the pairing. Food can be as simple as a sophisticated fruit and cheese tray.


Ladies Gone Green: An Eco-Friendly Bachelorette Celebration


News flash: getting squandered doesn’t imply you have to make waste. With a growing number of individuals selecting to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and environment-friendly bachelorette party is the best style for this year and those to come. No matter where you’re at on the sustainability spectrum, we extremely motivate you to include a few of these ideas into your upcoming bash.


Namaste to the Fiancée


If you’re looking for a subtle bachelorette party theme, why not set up a group yoga class to flex, stretch, and take a break from the madness of wedding preparation? This is an especially fantastic idea if your bride-to-be isn’t into the partying scene, but wants a bachelorette occasion that focuses more on self-care and physical fitness. Whether you have actually got a group of yoga pros or newbies, a group class is an excellent bonding opportunity for the ‘housemaids.

how to lay carpet on stairs


Carpeting your stairs and landing is a elegant and purposeful investment in your home. Carpet creates a tender, inviting appearance that makes houses feel cozier and more secure. It also absorbs the effect of footsteps to quiet your house. Carpeted stairs and landings are also more secure than tough surfaces, as they’re much less slippery and padded have to falls occur. These commands make carpeting your stairs and landing a simple DIY job for most home handymen and handywomen.

Choose Your Carpet

The carpeting procedure starts with locating the proper carpet. Stairs and landings are high-traffic areas, so your carpet need to be easy to easy and made to ultimate. Don’t take shortcuts with carpet with padded backing. While this form of carpet is less difficult to put, it’s going to probably wear out quick.

Measure and Cut Your Carpet Padding

Carpet padding, every so often referred to as carpet cushion, forms your carpet’s foundation. This squishy cloth extends the life of your carpet and helps it sense soft underfoot.

Measure each stair tread (the flat component in which you step), riser (the again of every step), and your landing in my opinion. Cut padding for every step and the touchdown. Your portions ought to in shape in between the tackless strips you’ll nail to the back of the treads, the lowest of the risers, and across the landing. Using a software knife and instantly aspect affords the maximum specific cuts. Ensure you’re running on a floor that isn’t valuable to you, as it’s likely to get broken.

If your staircase’s steps are all of the identical, you could make a template and reduce all of your pieces of padding from that. However, this won’t work for curved staircases or staircases near walls that aren’t plumb. For in a different way sized or fashioned steps, you’ll want to degree each piece one at a time.

Affix the Tackless Strips

Tackless strips are timber strips with small carpet tacks connected. These strips get their name because while you operate them, you don’t need person tacks to make your carpet stick. Tackless strips make carpet laying less complicated for owners inquisitive about DIY. When nailing down tackless strips, positioned a piece of heavy cardboard between the strip and the baseboard. The cardboard will act as a buffer, protecting your baseboard from any damage your hammering would possibly reason. Nail down tackless strips to each carpet riser and the back of the treads. A spacer crafted from tackless strips taped collectively permit you to decide how high the tack strips want to be. Then, hammer extra tackless strips into the walled facets of your landing. Add greater strips to the the front of the upward side and the brink of the downward aspect of the stair riser’s base.

Put Carpet Padding in Place

Take your pieces of carpet padding and staple them in location with a hammer stapler. Start in the center of every stair tread and staple alongside the period of the pad, simply in front of each tackless strip. Wrap the padding around the front of the stair and down the riser, so it fits tightly without creases or lumps, before stapling it down.

Measure and Cut Carpet for Stairs and Landing

Next, you’ll need to measure the steps and touchdown so that you can cut out the carpet you want. It’s crucial to cut out separate portions, in preference to the usage of simply one long strip of carpet, even if your staircase is straight and even. A single piece will come loose speedy and become a tripping danger. Add 4-6 inches on your width measurements to make certain you have enough carpet to cowl the edges.

If your stairs are all of the same, you can make a template to use for slicing each piece. If no longer, you’ll need to measure every one one at a time. Flip the carpet over, so the bottom is up, and reduce your portions out using a application knife towards a directly facet again, ready for set up. Make certain each piece’s pile runs the same way, with the float of visitors.

Install Your Carpet

Now it’s time to install your carpet, beginning along with your bottom step and running your way as much as the touchdown. If you have got numerous landings, you could truly repeat the stairs beneath until your staircase is whole.

The French Cap technique is the best process for putting in carpet on stairs because it affords the cleanest finish. Another commonplace method, known as the Waterfall technique, doesn’t fasten the carpet to the riser. While the Waterfall method is quicker and less difficult, it’s well worth taking time to master the French Cap approach underneath for a extra expert look.

Center a piece of carpet on the bottom fringe of a step and use an awl to push it into your tackless strips. You want a smooth line among the ground and backside of the stairs. You ought to constantly use an axe, instead of your palms, to push your carpet down as the tackless strips are sharp sufficient to puncture your skin. When the carpet appears desirable, staple it to the riser, just underneath the tread. Make certain you don’t staple through the fold. Hide the staple impressions by wiggling the carpet tacker between the carpet’s nap.

Carpet Buying Guide


Shopping for new carpet would not must be overwhelming. Get the facts on the whole lot from carpet construction to carpet fiber, and pick the excellent carpet for your home.

Before you keep for brand spanking new carpet, create a fixed of expectations for yourself to ease the shopping for process.

When do you need it? In-inventory and Special Order carpets are available depending on your time body.
How lengthy do you need the carpet to ultimate? Different fibers offer unique overall performance with foot visitors within the home. If you’re making a brief-term funding, polyester fiber will maintain you. If you need some thing long-lasting, discover nylon.
What’s your budget? A smart carpet budget debts for all three portions of the carpet puzzle: carpet, pad and installation.

Berber/Loop Features massive, uncut loops of herbal-tone fibers varying in length and typically made from wool, nylon or olefin. It’s denser than maximum different carpets and enormously stain-resistant. This is not an awesome choice for homes with pets on account that their claws can snag at the fibers.
Shag/Frieze Has a quick, long lasting, twisted pile properly-suited for busy areas. It’s frequently used for business functions. The fibers curl in specific directions, so that they disguise footprints and other commonplace carpet marks. Frieze yields a extremely informal look.

Pattern Offers a combination of reduce and loop pile, permitting greater options of textures and styles. The pattern looks as if it’s been reduce into the carpet and usually features several tones from the identical color own family. The trade in colour facilitates conceal put on and soiling.

Plush The intently packed yarn offers a soft, clean-completed floor it truly is fashionable, tender and works first-rate in formal settings. Plush carpet can show seams, footprints and vacuum marks.
Textured Has a totally soft experience. Two-toned yarn and an choppy floor provide it a informal look suited for any room. Its tight-twist construction allows withstand soil, so it is a good choice for family rooms. This is the most famous carpet alternative.


It’s the carpet cloth itself. Single fibers are spun together to create two-, 3- or 4-ply yarn, that’s then attached to a woven backing.


Pile refers to the peak of the fiber and is likewise called face or nap.


It’s the degree of ways intently packed the strands of fiber are to each other. The better the density, the stronger the carpet.


Weight is measured in oz per square backyard. Face weight refers to the quantity of fiber at the floor of the carpet, while total weight consists of the backing and latex as properly. High face weight is a good indication of high-quality. When the use of weight to evaluate carpets, ensure you’re evaluating comparable substances, like nylon to nylon, not nylon to polyester.


It comes from the style in which fibers are looped, twisted or cut. This determines the look and sense of the carpet and performs a large position in its durability.


Twist refers to the range of time fibers turn in a 1-inch length. Higher twist counts are normally extra resilient and better resist traffic and crushing.

PAR Rating

It’s a 1 to five score scale for performance, look and retention; the higher the wide variety, the more without problems it keeps its look.

Carpet Fibers

A closeup of carpet under a brown chair.
Carpet fibers are made from either natural materials (wool) or synthetic substances (nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester). Each cloth brings specific characteristics to carpet.

Nylon is the maximum common carpet cloth. It’s the strongest fiber, making it an high-quality preference for heavy-visitors regions. It’s additionally the most durable of the synthetics, smooth to clean and preserve. Nylon is soil- and mould-resistant, resilient and nonallergenic. However, a few nylon may additionally pill and be susceptible to static.
Olefin (polypropylene) changed into firstly designed for outside carpeting and basements because of its resistance to moisture, mold, water harm, staining, pilling, dropping and static. Now it is greater widely used for its durability, wool-like experience and look. Olefin is dyed before it is made into a fiber and therefore is colorfast, even though some olefin can flatten and fade in direct sunlight.

How much does it cost to install new carpeting?


How a great deal does it fee to install new carpeting?

Carpeting is an attractive, tender, and secure floor protecting suitable for lots rooms within the home. Available in a wide range of patterns, substances, and depths, carpet is regularly visible as a heat, inviting flooring floor. While throw rugs may be positioned down through absolutely everyone, real wall-to-wall carpeting need to be established by way of specialists. The cloth wishes to be measured, stretched, and tacked down well to keep away from wrinkles or dangerous nails.

While carpeting has a wide variety of costs, the common homeowner pays among $7 and $12 in line with rectangular foot ($63-$108/rectangular backyard), with the average set up length roughly 10-toes through 14-toes for a mean price of $980 to $1,680.

Keep in thoughts that carpeting is commonly offered by means of the square backyard, round nine rectangular ft, with the average roll being 12-ft huge. While this can now not effect the cost of your installation, it does make it extra tough to compare fees with other materials like hardwood. For this cause, costs can be given in both square foot and square yard measurements.

Pros and cons

Like all materials, carpeting has its attributes and its drawbacks, so it can no longer be right for each challenge.


  • Carpeting is heat and gentle underfoot.
  • Carpets have insulating residences that can make the room experience hotter.
  • Carpet is fashionable, and available in many colors, styles, and textures.
  • Carpeting is to be had in a number of substances, which includes herbal and artificial.
  • Some carpets may additionally help to muffle sounds and decrease echoes.
  • May assist defend from injury inside the event of a fall.
  • Less costly than some different floors sorts.


  • Carpeting may additionally harbor allergens, mildew, or dust mites 1.
  • Some varieties of carpets can be hard to maintain easy.
  • Some sorts of carpets may additionally stain.
  • Carpeting has a shorter lifespan than other kinds of floor coverings.
  • Some forms of carpeting aren’t sustainable or green
  • Cost elements
  • Carpeting has a huge range of associated costs. Some materials, like wool or
  • Berber, for example, may cost a little more than synthetic alternatives.

Because carpeting is bought by using the backyard, the larger the vicinity you are carpeting, the higher your total prices could be. This is likewise true for the padding 2 you choose to move beneath your carpet since the thicker the padding, the better the cost.

Stairs, corners, bump outs, and other irregularities in the installation may additionally effect the whole cost of the installation. If you’re carpeting over concrete and need a vapor barrier 3, this will also upload to the very last costs.

Prep work

Before new carpeting may be put down, lots of prep work needs to go into the activity. The quantity and form of prep is dependant at the floor you’re carpeting and its modern condition.

The first step entails your subfloor four. If your subfloor is antique or risky, it can need to get replaced. If your subfloor is made of concrete, it could need a vapor barrier to assist save you moisture from seeping into your new carpeting. If you want a brand new subfloor, this may be installed by means of a chippie. Typically, this expenses round $70 an hour at a fee of 2-three hours’ paintings for a complete of $140-$210 for a new subfloor.

Your installer will positioned down a carpet pad over the subfloor. Carpet pads act as a surprise absorber under your carpet. They make the surface extra resilient, in addition to more comfortable. Each sort of carpeting has a encouraged pad kind and thickness. While you can have alternatives, it’s usually excellent to pick the pad made specially for the carpet you’re having set up.

The standard rule of thumb for carpet pads is to make sure that they fall among ¼-inch and seven/16-inch thick with 6 kilos in line with cubic foot density. If installing a Berber or other low-profile carpet, however, you will need to apply a pad that is less than ⅜-inch thick with eight kilos according to cubic foot density.